Conference Program
Conference Venue
  • Arab League of Nations, Tahrir square - Cairo,Egypt Tel:+202 26843571 Fax:+202 26847822 maps.
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Tuesday January 19th 2016 

8:00-9:00: Registration 

9:00-10:00: Opening Ceremony and reception

       Prof. Magd Zakaria, Prof. Michael Brainin, Prof. Stephen Davis 

Plenary Session 1:  

10.00-10.30: Overview of Neurological Disorders in the Arab World 

                        Hani Benamer,  UK 

10.30-11.00: Evolving Healthcare at Internet Speeds

                        Yulun Wang, USA 

11.00-11.30: Reducing the global burden of stroke 

                        Michael Brainin, Austria 

11.30-12.00: Coffee Break 

Session 1: 

12.00-12.20: How Neurology practice changed in the Arab World 

                        Mohamed Osama Abd-Elghani, Egypt 

12.20-12.40: Neurorehabilitation Services in the Arab World 

                       Moahmed Anwar Eletribi, Egypt 

12.40-13.00: How information technology is making TELE the main driver of future growth in healthcare 

         Ahmed Morsy, Egypt

13.00-14.00: Common errors in EEG interpretations and how to avoid them  (Live Session)

                       Selim Benbadis, USA; Sherif Elwan, Egypt 

14.00-15.00: Lunch break 

Session 2: 

15.00-16.00: Cerebral Malaria Insights & Interventions for Saving Brains  (Live Session)

                       Gretchen Birbeck, USA 

16.00-16.15: Time is brain; Telestroke and beyond 

                        Foad Abd Allah, Egypt 

16.15-16.30: Medical Chains of Services and Franchise to Overcome Accessibility, Equity  and Quality   barriers in Healthcare

         Mostafa Hunter, Egypt


Wednesday January 20th 2016 

Plenary Session 2:  

9.00-9.30: The Treat and Teach initiative 

                    Tamer Emara, Egypt 

9.30-10.00: Setting up a Teleneurology Service in the UK: success and failure 

                     Victor Patterson, UK 

10.00-10.30:  Low Cost and Low Bandwidth Telemedicine - experiences in Iraq and NASA International    Space Station 

                        Milton Chen, USA 

10.30-11.00: Coffee Break 

Session 1: 

11.00-12.30: Roundtable discussion: Launching the treat and teach initiative

         Moderator Amr Abd Elmoneim 

12.30-12.45: Email telemedicine in resource poor settings 

         Victor Patterson, UK 

12:45-13:00: Teleneurology: A Sudanese Experience 

                       Einas Alhassan, Sudan 

13:00-13:15: Organizing telestroke services in Egypt 

        Ahmed Elbokl, Egypt 

13:15-13:45: How can rural areas benefit from telemedicine (Live session with ElKharga Oasis) 

13:45-14:00: Telepsychiatry 

                        Tarek Asaad, Egypt 

14.00-15.00: Lunch break

Session 2:

15:00-15:15: Telemedicine in Emergency and Critical situations. 

15:15-15:30: Cross Border Telemedicine. 

15:30-15:45: Telehealth in facilitating Health Awareness for the general public. 

15:45-16:00: Telehealth in Medical education and training 

         Adel Eldeeb, Egypt 


Thursday January 21st 2016 

Plenary Session 2:  

9.30-10.00: Setting up a Teleneurology Service in the UK: success and failure 

                      Victor Patterson, UK 

10.00-10.30: A suggested model for a telestroke program in low resource settings 

                       Ahmed El Bokl 

10.30-11.00: Telemedicine and interventional neurology

                         Ahmed Bassiouny

11.00-11.30: Coffee Break 

Session 1: 

11:30-13:00: Roundtable discussion: Practical recommendations to initiate ‘treat and teach ’

13.00-13:20: Egystroke: A Stroke mobile application

                        Abd Elrahman Anbar, Egypt 

13:20-13.40: Teaching, Presenting, Communicating - A Matter of (Learning) Style 

                        Sonja Drewes, Germany 

13:40-14:00: Legal aspects of Telemedicine

         Doaa Khalifa 

14.00-15:00: Lunch break

Session 2:

15.00-16.00: Harvard Telestroke Model (Live Session)

                        Lee Schwamm, USA 

16:00-16:15: Newton-Mosharafa Fund: solving developing challenges through UK-Egypt research and innovation collaboration 

         Michael Houlgate, UK 

16:15:16:30: Egyptian telemedicine in Ain Shams University

         Karim Osama, Egypt

16:30:16:45: Legal and ethical aspects of telemedicine initiatives 

         Doaa AboTaleb, Egypt 

16:45-17:00: E-learning in Ain Shams University: Progress and Prospects 

         Mona Abd Elaal, Egypt