Conference Program
Conference Venue
  • Arab League of Nations, Tahrir square - Cairo,Egypt Tel:+202 26843571 Fax:+202 26847822 maps.
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​Conference Objectives

Introduce the Treat and Teach initiative, which aims to transfer scientific and clinical expertise in the field of neurosciences from the Centers of Excellence to where they are needed. This will be done through a mix of telemedicine and, e-learning on one hand and clinical education at the bedside for direct and effective communication and transfer of clinical skills on the other.

The initiative includes:

1. Activate an electronic platform to link centers of excellence and hospitals beneficiary of the initiative.

2. Starting an e-clinic to facilitate remote patient management and transfer of medical knowledge in beneficiary hospitals.

3. Organizing short periodic visits of experts from the Centers of Excellence to beneficiary hospitals or universities to lay the foundations for specialized medical services. These services can be followed up remotely by through the electronic platform.

4. Consider the possibility of acquiring master and PhD degrees from Ain Shams University through innovative programs that allow the integration of distance education in the educational process.

5. Establish an Arab African funding office to secure financing this initiative.